October 8, 2013


Emotion focused Approaches to therapy:
Emotion Focussed Family Therapy (EFFT):  Emotionfocusedfamilytherapy.org
Emotion-Focused Therapy Clinic: http://www.emotionfocusedclinic.org/

Eating Disorders:
Ontario Community Outreach Program for Eating Disorders: http://www.ocoped.ca/
National Eating Disorder Information Centre:  www.nedic.ca
National Initiative for Eating Disorders: http://nied.ca/
The New Maudsley Approach: http://www.thenewmaudsleyapproach.co.uk/
Family-Based Therapy for Eating Disorders: http://www.maudsleyparents.org/
Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders: http://www.feast-ed.org/
Kelty Mental Health Resouce Centre:  www.keltyeatingdisorders.ca
Meal support video:  www.keltyeatingdisorders.ca/r/eating-disorders-meal-support-helpful-approaches-families
Emotion Focussed Therapy for Eating Disorders:  Emotionfocusedfamilytherapy.org
Hopewell : http://www.hopewell.ca/

Mood and Anxiety:
Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada: www.anxietycanada.ca
Mood Disorders Society of Canada: www.mooddisorders.ca
Ementalhealth:  www.ementalhealth.ca

Canadian Psychological Association: www.cpa.ca
The College of Psychologists of Ontario: www.cpo.on.ca

Children’s Mental Health:
Kids Help Phone: http://kidshelphone.ca
ABC’s of Mental Health:  www.hincksdellcrest.org/ABC/Welcome
Empowering Parents:  www.empoweringparents.com
Offord Center for Child Studies:  http://www.offordcentre.com/
The F.O.R.C.E. Society for Kids Mental Health:  http://www.forcesociety.com/
Parents for Children’s Mental Health:  http://www.pcmh.ca
Children’s Mental Health Ontario:  http://www.kidsmentalhealth.ca

General Mental Health:
Information Website:  eMentalHealth.ca
National Institute for Mental Health:  www.nimh.nih.gov/index.shtml
Mental Health Commission of Canada:  www.mentalhealthcommission.ca
National Aboriginal Health Organization:  www.naho.ca